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Found 7 results

  1. I am working on a Pivot Table for a requested report. I wish to sort the table by the values in the pivot table (specifically a sum of an amount field), which I can do by clicking on the column heading no problem. However, since this will be a frequently used report, I want to have the datapage default to sorting by this value. I cannot figure out how, and saw some similar threads but not with conclusions. Any thoughts?
  2. Hi I've got a pivot table with countries down the left and years across the top. The values are tonnes. I'd like the table to appear with the values sorted, so that largest values start from the top. The sorting always needs to apply to whatever year is in the right-most column. So if for example years happened to go from 2000 - 2019 (left to right), I'd like values to be sorted in the 2019 column. I'm suspecting the solution is in a 'Calc Field1' but I don't know the sql to sort the table Many thanks
  3. I have seen https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/managing-data/, "Managing Data in Datasheet" and the section "Sorting Data", which shows that datasheets act exactly the way one would expect regarding column sorting. I've also seen my own datasheets perform exactly that way. But I don't see it today! I've been experimenting for only about a week and have the beginnings of a small database of just three main variables and many-to-many relationships. But none of my three tables sort when the heading is clicked and no column has an arrow to show the existing sort column. They did yesterday, though. It doesn't seem like it would be related, but I duplicated my database and did some crazy experiments on the new copy. Then I noticed the columns wouldn't sort. When I went back to the original, it wouldn't sort either. Any hints.
  4. In the report below the Sponsor Type dropdown is sorted based on the value of the SponsorTypeID and not its display value. This is working fine. Now I would like the report itself to sort based on the SponsorTypeID as for the dropdown but show the display value which is SponsorType. I could probably rename my SponsorType like 0 - Platinum, 1- Gold, 2- Silver and so on, but I think this is ugly and looking for a better solution. Thanks
  5. Hello everyone, Does anyone have a workaround for providing a "No sort" option to gallery or list DataPages? It seems like Caspio does not provide it out-of-the-box. I have a gut feeling that it can be done via JavaScript, but I'm not sure how it can be done. Thanks in advance for the help. -dspolyglot
  6. A newbie here trying to create a database view of track and field results by 1) Field Events and 2) Track Events. Data for both types are stored in a result field in excel that I have defined in the Caspio table as a text field. Sort works great for the Track side of data but when I get to the Field side for the discus event I'm having a problem. Example of data being imported is 102' 11.5" for one record, and let's say 99' 03" for the next record. Since I have the field defined as text the sort put's the 99' 03" first. Any solutions without putting a leading 0 in front of the 99'? Thanks - Greg
  7. I have a table which stores price information for each record. When I display results via a search and report datapage, I am currently sorting them based on price - low to high. That part works great and I've no issues with. My problem is as follows - the table has some records that have no price information in it. These records are being treated as price $0 and are therefore ranked higher than other records that have valid price data. What I want is for the records with no price information to be sorted lower - i.e. displayed after all the records that have price information in them. Is there a way to do this? Thanks for your help in advance.
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