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Found 3 results

  1. I am trying to use a SQL query in a calculated field to calculate the max value in a sub-group of data. When I hard code the formula as below, it works fine. SELECT Max(CY_Inc) FROM Pohl_Data_Temp WHERE cert = '8426' OR cert='7506' OR cert='660' OR cert='11681' OR cert='29679' OR cert='9507' What I am trying to do is fill in my where statement dynamically from a field in my database. When I use the following formula, it returns a blank result. SELECT Max(CY_Inc) FROM Pohl_Data_Temp WHERE cert = [@field:search_alpha] Field [search_alpha] = '84
  2. Just wondering if there is a way to find the second lowest number in a view. I have done the SQL for lowest number: SELECT TOP(1) Drivers_Driver FROM _v_Race_Results_v WHERE Results_RID=[@field:RID] ORDER BY Results_Finish ASC I see it's possible by nesting queries using select distinct? Not sure. Just need to find the next lowest entry in this list. thanks
  3. Hello, I'm using a tabular search and report for an invoicing application where I need to show aggregations of the RateAmount grouping by the RecIDL at the bottom of the RateAmount column. I want to pass the aggregated calculated field total to the invoice using an href link to my details page. Currently the link to the details page is showing an invoice for each RecIDL. I need the RecIDL to group on the tabular search and report with the aggregated total for each RecIDL. Here are the specifics: The Table name is 'Invoicing'. I have columns for 'RecIDL'
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