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Found 1 result

  1. I have a datapage that allows users to view the ratings other users by entering the users user name. User ratings range from 0 stars to 5 stars. This page receives parameter telling it how many stars the users has. So if the user has a rating of 1.5 stars the page will display an image showing 1.5 stars by referencing the fourth line of the code below [@app:URL_1_5]. However if the user enters a username that has never received a rating or if the input does not fall within the range below (0-5) it should call a graphic that shows 5 grayed out stars which represents 0. (see line 12 which is supposed to call grayed out 5 star image). I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong and I am in need of a little assistance. All of this takes place in a calculated field. -Thanks CASE WHEN [@calcfield:5]> 0 AND [@calcfield:5] <= .5 THEN '[@app:URL_0_5]' WHEN [@calcfield:5]> .5 AND [@calcfield:5] <= 1.0 THEN '[@app:URL_1_0]' WHEN [@calcfield:5]> 1.0 AND [@calcfield:5] <= 1.5 THEN '[@app:URL_1_5]' WHEN [@calcfield:5]> 1.5 AND [@calcfield:5] <= 2.0 THEN '[@app:URL_2_0]' WHEN [@calcfield:5]> 2.0 AND [@calcfield:5] <= 2.5 THEN '[@app:URL_2_5]' WHEN [@calcfield:5]> 2.5 AND [@calcfield:5] <= 3.0 THEN '[@app:URL_3_0]' WHEN [@calcfield:5]> 3.0 AND [@calcfield:5] <= 3.5 THEN '[@app:URL_3_5]' WHEN [@calcfield:5]> 3.5 AND [@calcfield:5] <= 4.0 THEN '[@app:URL_4_0]' WHEN [@calcfield:5]> 4.0 AND [@calcfield:5] <= 4.5 THEN '[@app:URL_4_5]' WHEN [@calcfield:5]> 4.5 AND [@calcfield:5] <= 5.0 THEN '[@app:URL_5_0]' ELSE '[@app:URL_11_0]' END
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