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Found 5 results

  1. Hi. I have set localizations to English UK but when designing a table and entering data into it, the date format required is still US format. Should this be?
  2. Hi there, I know it is a questions for "Caspio for dummies" but I need to know the following: Is each field in the application with text a data field (including logos, company name of the app provider, Headline and so on)? Or does the name 'data field' only refer to SMART, INTERACTIVE fields that a customer can press in the app?
  3. How do I export my Table Design to a spreadsheet? I do not what the data table....just the table design.
  4. I've created a View that utilizes several tables. When I update the design of a Table, I'm not seeing that change reflected in my View. Is this normal behavior, or perhaps I'm overlooking something? As a work-around, I can delete the view, and create another, using the same tables (which by this point have the mentioned Design change already in place), and everything just works. I'd love to find quicker way to go about this though.
  5. Hello All; I am working through optimizing my app and step one is to ensure I'm using the proper field types. Is there an article that describes how much data is used per record per field type? Specifically: General Number Integer Number Currency Number Yes/No Text(255) Text(64000) I have a pretty good guess on how these rank, but more detailed information on exact data used will help greatly. Thanks CHAD
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