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Found 22 results

  1. Thought this might help anyone struggling as I did to create a View of only IDs (1) not duplicated between two tables or (2) duplicated between two tables but a second field is a certain value. I have two tables: 1. Table A - has a list of every available ID 2. Table B - contains IDs of inserted records (can have same ID on multiple records) I did a full outer join on the two tables in a View based on the ID First criteria only show IDs that are in Table A but not in Table B I then only want to include IDs if the record is in Table A and Table B, but a second field has a value of "Yes". However, Table B can have multiple records with the same ID with the second field with values of "Yes" or "No". The Not Equal filter wouldn't work because you can't NOT at the AND level. To solve this I added a sub-AND filter with two lines stipulating what I wanted the field to be and what I wanted it not to be.
  2. I want to create a task in which I can schedule team member in advance. For eg: John schedule is M,T,W,T,F Ravi schedule is W,T,F,S,S Dane has T,W,T,F (8 HOURS EACH DAY) Now if i need to schedule TM for tuesday , a week advance how should I build the task. Also, I have two table - one for their leaves/vacations and other is master data which contain their schedule. If the person has already registered for vacation, his name should not be included in list. I have attached the sample data sample data.xml
  3. Hi everybody, I have read everything about the 3 different types of Caspio tables; Master, Detail and Domain, but I still find it very hard to explain others the difference and when to use which. Does somebody have a simpel explanation when to use which tables type?
  4. In each of my application tables, I have added four fields for created timestamp, created by user ID, updated timestamp, updated by user ID. I am having trouble figuring out how to capture the "updated by user ID" field when I am editing a record from within a tabular datapage (both inline and details view editing). Any help at all would be appreciated!
  5. Hi friends, I am trying to implement a People table in which I would like to have a "son of" relationship. I need to know who is child of whom. I've found no way to implement a relationship on which parent and child tables are the same. Is this possible within Caspio? Thank you very much for your time. Ariel
  6. Deleted one whole application in my account but several tables were not deleted when I check all assets. Is there a glitch or am I missing something?
  7. I have two kinds of Budget items. table 1: Budget child table 1: Services child table 2: Check Requests When I report on Budget items, I want to see Services and Check Requests on separate rows in the same View, like this: budget# - service# - checkrequest# - amount 22 - 15 - NULL - $50 22 - NULL - 7 - $50 Budget1 Total=$100 Should I combine child tables 1 and 2? Or is there a way to join them to Budgets so that they can appear on separate rows, as in above?
  8. Hello, I am new to Caspio, I encounter a problem here. I have two Tables Table#1: Investment(Investment_ID, Client_ID, Latest Transaction date, BookValue, MarketValue) e.g. Invest001|Nov 1, 2018|500|1000 Invest001|July 1, 2018|800|2000 Table#2: Investment Transaction(Investment_ID, BookValue, MarketValue, Transaction_Date) e.g in Table #1 I have following records, Invest001|100|100|Oct 1, 2018 Invest002|800|2000|July 1, 2018 Invest001|100|200|Oct 10, 2018 Invest001|100|300|Oct 15, 2018 Invest001|200|500| Sep 1, 2018 Invest001|500|1000|Nov 1, 2018 Here I would like to make the following action execute whenever I update the table. Latest Transaction Date = Table#2:Latest Investment Transaction:Transaction_Date BookValue = Table#2:Latest Investment Transaction: BookValue MarketValue = Table#2:Latest Investment Transaction: MarketValue What can I do to make this happen? Any help will be appreciated, Thank you very much in advance,
  9. Hi guys, I'm trying to have a situation where a form is displayed to the user whereupon they enter particular information (Fields A - E), should this information be reviewed (user ticks "reviewed, Y/N" box), further fields (Fields F - P) are made visible to the user where they can enter in more descriptive information which was not asked in the first form. At the end, all the information pertaining to a specific incident must be combined so that reports can generated at a later stage. Ideally, in my mind, should the user tick the "yes tick box", further fields are displayed upon which the user can enter in more descriptive information. If I'm not mistaken, and if function could be utilised in this case. Another way of explaining this: Is it possible for a user to enter information into a form (Fields A - E) and submit that form. The form is then viewed at a later stage and further information can be added to that specific form in new text fields (Fields F - P). Is this possible and if so, how would one go about doing this. Any information as to how this could be done would be greatly appreciated, if any further details are required please don't hesitate to ask. Many Thanks!
  10. I am trying to pass the value from specific column totals for use in html page(s) and/or virtual fields. Any help is appreciated. e.g. table with 3 columns and n rows I want to retrieve and pass the total value of column 1, column 2 and column 3 for use on a different webpage or for a custom html field Thanks in advance
  11. Does anyone know if its possible in JS to dynamically change the filters applying to a Table or View that's linked to a datapage? I have several checkboxes for Users to select from, and the selections can drastically alter the types of filters I want to apply. Essentially I'm looking for much greater control over the results table than the Caspio wizard screen filters can allow. Thanks
  12. Caspio minds I have a Tabular report and want to add a button that once the user clicks it will pass information from the tabular report and insert in another table. I saw an example where someone put an insert sql statement on a tabular report that would add values as parameters to another table. But I can't find this example. Any help will be appeciated
  13. I have a good app going with one main data table with lots of views and dependencies tied to it. I want to change some field types in the table - from Text to Integer, etc. But all the warning scare me about lost data if I proceed and "incompatible data will be lost." To preserve all the dependencies will this work? COPY that original table and data (call it Table 1) to "Table 1 Backup". Copy Table 1 again and all it Table New Change field types in Table New, save it. Delete original Table 1 and RENAME Table NEW to Table 1 (the original one referenced in all the views and data pages). Will that start me over with a new table with no data and preserve all the dependent reference to "Table 1" in the app?
  14. I'm normalising a large Table which can extend to 3-4 million rows. One of the fields is 'Year' (eg '2017'). There are up to 80 different years in the database and obviously many are repeated many times, Is it worth indexing this field? I can make a table with a primary key and the related year, such as y1 = 2000, y2 = 2001, y3 = 2002 and so on, then relate the primary key to year field in the main Table. I'm just wondering whether all this fuss for so little is worthwhile. Is it going to make a performance improvement? Or should I be doing this a completely different way. Thanks for any advice
  15. Hi guys, Please have a look at the picture it makes it more clear. hopefully someone can help with this simple question. So we have a "Customer" making an "order" this "order" has different "products". So 3 tables. When I connect Customer table to order table, no problem, one customer can have multiple order, when I connect orders to products, I want to be able to chose a customer and only see his orders in the products table. At the moment I can select the customer but I get to see all orders, I want to only see his orders. All this in the table. At the moment it seems that I can just add a product to a customer but the order is not connect to the customer, so when I choose the customers name from my tables drop-down I can still select all the orders, but this is not correct because this customer did NOT make all the orders. This is essentially what I want to do connect products to customers, and customers are connected to orders. That is basically it hopefully I explained myself. well. I included a picture is you look the customer "Tim Sanders" can choose all the orders, but he has NO order so I don't want him to be able to choose an order. Maybe there is a better and easier way to do this please let me know. All suggestions are really welcome. Kind regards, Anthony
  16. Hello everyone, I started using Caspio only a couple of days ago. As a first test project I am trying to build an invoicing app. I am now facing a problem and I really hope that someone here can help me. Before generating a new invoice, I need to enter all data for it. Customers I pick from a drop down, invoice date from the date picker etc. That is all fine. Now I select the Service I am sending the invoice for. (Let’s assume it’s only one service in the invoice.) This is another dropdown and refers to a table with, let’s say, the following content ID SERVICE PRICE 1 Accounting 100 2 Consulting 120 3 Training 140 In my data page I pick the service from a dropdown, display and value are both set to the 2nd column shown above. I pick Consulting, Consulting is displayed. The problem is, I need the price to show up somewhere so I can later calculate the invoice overall sum with it. I know I could insert a 2nd dropdown with SERVICE as display and PRICE as value, but I don’t want to drop down twice. So here is my question: How can I, in my data page, display the price (col. 3) of the service (col. 2) that I just picked in the drop down field? (By the way, the same solution will help me to, in the next phase, display the customer’s address in the printable invoice page, after I selected the customer’s name from a drop down. Same thing I guess.) Thank you very much in advance. I am looking forward to receiving your posts. Anatol
  17. Thanks in advance for any assistance. I am trying to get results based off employer and location. Here is an example: Table 1 (Company): Employer_1, Employer_2, or Employer_3. Location is Business_Zip Table 2 (Customer): Employer_1, Employer_2, or Employer_3. Location is Customer_Zip When submitting a request form, the customer can request an answer from Employer_1, Employer_2, and/or Employer_3. The request will go to the Company with the matching zip (IE: Business_Zip = Customer_Zip) Here's where I'm stuck. I need to create a workflow that directs the question to the correct Company, based off matching Employer and zip. It would look like this: Customer completes the submit form, and request the information to come from Employer_1 and Employer_2. When Employer_1 w/ matching zip logs on, it will show the request, same for Employer_2 w/ matching zip, however Employer_3 + Employer_1 without matching zip + Employer_2 without matcing zip, will not show any data. I apologize for the extreme detail. I've been through the forums, online videos, and help questions for over a week now. I probably need to step away, but this is one of the last steps before I can launch. Thank you again!
  18. I'm getting a system error when I delete Relationships. See Attached. The Relationship seems to be removed after refreshing the screen, but why i'm I getting the error? Error, System error <<OK>> with no other information.
  19. Hi, I'm designing a poll app. It's a simple one-question poll with an arbitrary number of answer options. I have a connection on it to authenticate users and require them to log in before answering polls. Everything is working so that my admins can make new polls/answers and users can log in and answer them. However, I can't figure out how to restrict users to one answer per poll. I have tables for users, polls, answer options for each poll, user responses. It's all working, but I need a (non-kluge) way to check whether a user has already responded to the specific poll before inserting a new response in the response table. I am stuck. I have a kluge in place (basically tracking in an array which polls the user has responded to in his record in the user table). I'd love it if Caspio Bridge would let me do a "single-record update" or "details page update" which would, if it couldn't find the record, insert a new one. Something like that would make this app perfect and kluge-free. Or maybe I need to go about it another way entirely? Any feedback appreciated!
  20. Hi All, I'm trying to implement a data page report that pulls search results from 4 different tables (or categories). For example, on my search page I need to have four different columns of radio buttons that someone can choose from in succession. The results of the 4 choices will result in a report after hitting the submit button. So basically all 4 categories need to be combined behind the scenes to produce the results. Like narrowing down search results based on criteria (Car Make>Car Style>Car Color>Car Engine) results in only cars that match all four selections. IMPORTANT - When I add new listings in the backend the above choices must be part of my "Add new listing" submission form.
  21. First I would like to thank all community members who contribute to this forum. I have used Caspio for the past few months and any questions or problems I have had were answered by searching this forum. Unfortunately, I haven't found any that come close to solving this problem... I have several company's that use the same table to manage inventory at their location. This is a management problem and possible security risk. I can correct the issue by creating data pages for each company all with identical element fields and creating copies of the original data source for each company referenced by the respective data page for that company. This of course uses up data pages and creates redundancy that I prefer to steer away from whenever possible. My question, is there a way to have a single data page and be able to change the data source of the data page before it loads? (all elements referenced within the data page are same for each data source) I am learning java script and have learned a lot from reviewing the examples on this forum. I have reviewed the caspio form elements thread. But have not found any reference to calling the data page data source. I understand that my train of thought on the work flow of this problem my be incorret and explanes why I cannot find any references to table manipulation on this forum, Either way, I appreciate all observations, suggestions and solutions, on cutting down the redundancy of having multiple data pages all identical, with the exception of the data source. Jim Ellington
  22. I would like to set up a database where my authenticated users can upload their records (can be anywhere from 2-10k) in one go (who would fill in my form 10 thousand times a quarter?). The import feature worked great for me here, and if they had the ability to do something similar on their end - including the mapping ability the import wizard has it would be a life saver. Is this possible? I can't seem to find that option. Thank you kindly for your support! This is my first day and I do enjoy the ease of use here.
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