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Found 2 results

  1. Reporting: simply counting the number of times the choices in a drop down were selected? I have several drop downs on a form. I just need to tally the number of times each of the drop down choices was selected. Cant seem to just get a simple count of each dropdown choice. In excel its a simple countif= fucntion. Kinda surprised a robust system like caspio cant do it out of box. Example: Form data page question asks people Whats Your Type of Music? Drop down options Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Classical. After 6 months I need to tally the number of people that chose Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop or Class
  2. I has been given this task and unfortunatly i cant wrap my brain around how to go about it. I need to create a Tally Sheet. Basically there will be assorted items on a page and i need a simple button that will add (1) to the Qty which should be displayed next to it. Im including a link to a website to demonstrate basically (not exactly) what i want to do. It needs to be as simple on the front end as possible. http://textmechanic.com/text-tools/numeration-tools/online-tally-counter/ All i want to be able to see when deployed is each diff item and a +/- and the total. Not even sure if this
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