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Found 14 results

  1. If any of you uses RICH text editor for user inputs, you will notice that the actual data in the table contains HTML tags that describes the format used with the input. Ex. Will have the following data in your table: If you want a "clean" version of this text you can create a trigger/task that will remove the HTML tags. You can copy the Trigger below: The "formatted_txt" will be the field that uses the Rich text editor and the non_formatted_txt_trigger will contain the "clean" text version. Rich text editor will convert < and > to their entity name which are &lt; and &gt; and a "Non-breaking space" will be converted to: &nbsp;. The following blocks will replace this entity name to their actual value.
  2. I have a workflow that will only let a user enter a date ranging from 7 days before the current date. Obviously a calendar pop up wont work since I can't disable other choices there. So I created a task that will update the table daily and put the necessary choices that I have. This way its dynamic and I don't need to change it everyday. Here is the Task: The task above will run every day and will first delete all the existing records within the table and replace it with the new set of 7 days. An example would be. Today is May 10 here in my location and that will give me May 3 - May 10 of range. Table: DataPage: Note: You can also edit this workflow where when a date is selected that option will be removed from the Table. That will use a trigger that will delete a date when it sees it after a user submission.
  3. I am having trouble reusing the table variable. It is supposed to be inside the loop so that I can send a table of related records in the send email. I understand the cause of the error is because I put the table variable assignment within the loop but is there any way to get around this? Here is what it looks suppose to look like: PS. sorry for that overly redacted sample.
  4. I want to create a task in which I can schedule team member in advance. For eg: John schedule is M,T,W,T,F Ravi schedule is W,T,F,S,S Dane has T,W,T,F (8 HOURS EACH DAY) Now if i need to schedule TM for tuesday , a week advance how should I build the task. Also, I have two table - one for their leaves/vacations and other is master data which contain their schedule. If the person has already registered for vacation, his name should not be included in list. I have attached the sample data sample data.xml
  5. Hello, I have a table with N records, where I have a field that is repeated on occasions. I need to select the most current records (oldest date) of each identifier and save them in a table, so that I have something like this: I need to save only 1 value per identifier and that is the one with the most current date. I am thankful for any kind of help.
  6. Hello ~ I'm trying to send an email via task and its contents are table records by using a table variable. The email in Outlook has borders and arranged neatly, however, the email in Gmail is not pleasing to the eyes as it is not properly displayed and has no borders. Please see the image below. Any advice or tricks on how to insert a border and make them properly aligned?
  7. I have a rather complicated task that I'm trying to execute. This may take a bit of explaining. It references three lookup tables and two other tables. The point of this task is to set a number of days required to complete a specific task (Engineering, Welding, etc.) in a project. These days vary based on the unit size and type. Here is part of the table that I am using for reference so that you can understand what I'm working with. So for a job making a "Non Jacket Bin" that is under 500L, the Engineering task should take 5 days and the Weld task should take 10 days. Here is the task as I currently have it. So the table that this is updating is specifically for tracking the number of days required to complete each operation for a job line. It is connected to the job lines table via a Line Number. Right now I only have it updating the days it takes in Engineering but I will add Weld and more. That's why I have the joins in the Update statement and not the select - just to avoid redundancy. So first, it joins the days line number to the lines line number. Then it takes the unit size and joins it to a lookup table. This lookup table is used to convert the size to an integer. In the lines table it is written as "100L" so this join just allows for a value "Liters" to be used later which removes the L. The next join connects the Unit Type to another lookup table which will be used to find the general category the type is in ("Bin" rather than a code like "BINX"). Finally, this is joined to a table that is similar to the one pictured above. Here is part of that table for reference: (The days are the days before the ship date) The Unit Size refers to anything that is less than or equal to that number. Thus, why my join is on Liters >= Unit Size. I then sort the select by the unit size ASC which should connect Liters to the smallest Unit size without going over. Instead, what I get is all units, regardless of size, assigned the smallest days. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated!
  8. I'm working on a trigger to create a certain number of lines based on the quantity specified upon submission. Basically it's one table that feeds another table. Here's the trigger. Variable i starts at the First Serial Number specified upon submission and iterates while i is less than the serial number plus the number of lines. Each line has a unique incremental serial number in the format JOB-01 where 01 is the serial number and JOB is the job ID. That's what the concatenate statement should do. This is the error I'm getting which doesn't make any sense because this should just be inserting new lines right? It shouldn't affect any vast number of records... Please help!
  9. I would like to create a scheduled task that runs every 15 mins. However, I can see that 'Hourly' is the lowest frequency available aside from 'Once' and 'On demand'. Is there a possible workaround for this?
  10. OK, so I need to make a task that will read in a text field in a record, process the text into individual parts (This much I can already do) and then use each part as a field name to get the actual data I need. Example of a record: Field 'W1d1' contains text of "g1,g18,g47,g73" I would separate the text into 4 vars, v1="g1", v2="g18", etc. I then want to use the contents of v1 as a fieldname to get the contents of field 'g1' Is this sort of conversion possible in a TASK? I wish we could use arrays as fieldnames..... SFraden
  11. I want to update the SA_Last_MS field in the table T_PA_SubAwards with the Max value of the field PeriodNo in the subsidiary T_PA_Milestones table. The two tables are linked via the fields SA_RecNo and MS_SA_ID. The task pictured runs but gives a value of 2 for all SubAwards with Milestones, and that is correct for most of them, although two SubAwards have 4 and 5 milestones, and these are erroneously set to 2 too. Can someone tell me what is going on?
  12. Can someone help me in Task? I need to assign a variable with the number of records in my SELECT statement. I am thinking of using this COUNT. But do not know how. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. I want to run my Task on an interval smaller than an hour. I have one that is set to run on an hourly basis starting from 12:00 AM. I want this to run every 15 minutes. Is there a solution to this?
  14. I am trying to create an app for horse show points tracking. The table Results has the fields Rider ID, Class ID, Class Type, and Points Rider1 | Class02 | ClassTypeA | 4 Rider1 | Class03 | ClassTypeA | 5 Rider1 | Class04 | ClassTypeA | 5 Rider1 | Class05 | ClassTypeA | 5 Rider1 | Class11 | ClassTypeA | 5 Rider1 | Class12 | ClassTypeA | 5 Rider1 | Class06 | ClassTypeA | 3 Rider1 | Class08 | ClassTypeA | 1 Rider1 | Class09 | ClassTypeA | 3 Rider1 | Class13 | ClassTypeB | 5 Rider1 | Class14 | ClassTypeB | 4 Rider1 | Class15 | ClassTypeB | 2 Rider1 | Class16 | ClassTypeB | 1 When we do our year end calculations, I need to find out the sum of each Rider's top six (highest Points value) Results for each Class Type (ie for Class Type A the bolded values). What would be ideal would be to have this eventually input into a new table with the following columns: Rider ID, Class Type A (sum of top 6), Class Type B, etc Rider1 | 29 | 12 | Etc I have been trying to use a Task to input the values I can use into a new table but I can't seem to get values that account for needing the top 6 for _each_ Rider and _each_ Class Type, unless I do one for each rider and class type combination, which would be waaaay too many tasks to do. (see image, nomination_id is Rider ID in my example). Is there some other way I should be going about this that I am missing?
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