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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, So I'm trying to set up a submission form with several text fields and I want the text fields to behave in a certain way that when I fill in a text field and I reach the maxlength, I want the next field to be automatically focused. So lets say I have five text fields whose maxlength are all set to 3. When I input three characters on text field 1, I want the focus to be automatically on text field 2, then when I fill in three characters on text field 2, I want the focus to be on text field 3, and so on. At the same time, when I clear a text field of all input, I want to be focused on the previous text field. So for example I'm on text field 4 and i decide to delete all that I've input here, then text field 3 should be automatically focused. I was able to do this using JavaScript. On your Submission Form, go to Configure Fields and add a Header & Footer. On the Footer, paste the following: <script> var elts = document.getElementsByClassName('cbFormTextField'); Array.from(elts).forEach(function(elt, i){ elt.addEventListener("keyup", function(event) { if(i == (elts.length - 1)){ varNextSibling = elts[i].id; } else if (i < elts.length){ varNextSibling = elts[i+1].id; } myLength = elt.value.length; maxLength = elt.maxLength; if (myLength == maxLength ) { // Focus on the next sibling document.getElementById(varNextSibling).focus(); } if (myLength == 0){ varPrevSibling = elts[i-1].id; // Focus on the previous sibling document.getElementById(varPrevSibling).focus(); } }); }) </script> This is applied to all text fields regardless of how many there are (as long as their className is cbFormTextField-- which means this also applies for virtual text fields)
  2. Hello guys, How can I use the timestamp as a default or initial value of my DateTime field in a Details page? I set the Form Type to Text Field, but I can't see the On Load option in the Advanced Tab. If I set the field as Hidden, I get that On Load option, but at the expense of not being able to edit it. Please help. -dspolyglot
  3. Hello Everyone! I have found some great answers on this forum for most of my issues but cannot find anything regarding this specific question I have. sincerely appreciate any offers of help. Currently I have a DataPage which outputs 5 text fields with a calender popup next to each (see attached img). I would like to select a date via the popup in the first field and have the subsequent fields all populate with the next day. So if you select 2/19/2015 then the output in the next data field is 2/19/2015 and so on. I believe that I can do this via some custom JS if I need to, but I wasn't sure if Caspio Bridge can help me do so automatically through a selection in the "Web Form Wizard- Configure Fields". I appreciate you checking out my post and any help you can offer! Cheers, Dilts
  4. Looking for a way to recognize any 'http...' string in a text field and make it hyperlink. The purpose is to enable viewers to click on that link, rather than re-pasting the string into a browser. Thanks...
  5. This is for a submission form. I would like to use no label, and instead have a placeholder-label within the text field. I know I can do this by assigning a static value under Advanced. My problem is that when the user clicks in the text field, then the text is still there. I would like it to disappear. Is this possible? I'm really grateful for any help. Bjorn
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