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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, If we have a schedule table and using two fields ScheduleStartTime and ScheduleEndTime, both being date/time fields like 4/4/20 10:00 PM and 4/5/20 06:00 AM, how do I filter for all records being from 4/5/20 1:00AM to 5:00AM? I need all schedules that falls partially between those timings? See example attached. thanks
  2. I am trying to make sure the time in entered is less than the time out entered. I was determined to figure this out on my own but just can get go any further without help. Here is my code. Since Defined_Date_Out is required, I thought replacing the users erroneous entry with null would prevent the submission from being initiated. Thanks for any advise ? <div id="datefix"> <script> function DateCheck() { var dateout = document.getElementById('Defined_Time_Out').value; var datein = document.getElementById('Defined_Time_In').value; if (dateout <= datein) alert("Please enter a date and time OUT after date and time IN "); document.getElementById("InsertRecordDefined_Time_Out").value = null; } document.getElementById('InsertRecordDefined_Time_Out').onChange = DateCheck; </script> </div>
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