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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. I have a timesheet report representing hours worked. Relevant field names are: StartTime, EndTime and TimeSpan (a calculated field - let Caspio sweat the routine calculations). I'm struggling with the syntax in the "Aggregate" function entry. My goal is an output which shows: HH:MM... For example, if my time entries are: StartTime EndTime TimeSpan 08:30 10:30 2:00 09:45 10:45 1:00 13:30 15:45 2:15 (sum = 4:15) If I use: sum(datediff(minutes, StartTime, EndTime )) I get 255... (4 * 60 + 15) But how in the world do I present the output as 4:15 and not 255. Yes, I've changed the 'Formatting' to Time (HH:MM), to no avail. Any help would be deeply appreciated!
  2. Trying to capture Date/Time In and Date/Time Out for an employee time sheet. (Sampling code for date time in only, once this works I will use same method for Date/Time Out). I will in the end hide @Defined_Time_In but am leaving it Text255 so I can make see if the code is working in real time. @Defined_Time_In = Date Field @cbParm Virtual 1 - 4 are Text255 (V1 = Date, V2=Hour, V3=Minute and V4=Second) @cbParmVirtual5 is a custom Dropdown (AM or PM) <script> function concatenate() { var One = document.getElementById("InsertRecordcbParmVirtual1").value; var Two = document.getElementById("InsertRecordcbParmVirtual2").value; var Three = document.getElementById("InsertRecordcbParmVirtual3").value; var Four = document.getElementById("InsertRecordcbParmVirtual4").value; var Five = document.getElementsById("InsertRecordcbParmVirtual5").value; var link = One + " " + Two +":" + Three + ":"+Four + " "+ Five; document.getElementById("InsertRecordDefined_Time_In").value = link; } document.getElementById("InsertRecordcbParmVirtual1").onkeyup = concatenate; document.getElementById("InsertRecordcbParmVirtual2").onkeyup = concatenate; document.getElementById("InsertRecordcbParmVirtual3").onkeyup = concatenate; document.getElementById("InsertRecordcbParmVirtual4").onkeyup = concatenate; document.getElementsById("InsertRecordcbParmVirtual5").onkeyup = concatenate; </script> If I can't get the above to work I will probably use https://forums.caspio.com/topic/5069-time-sheet/ . I would really like to see onchange or onkeyup. Thanks in advance for any help !
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