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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I'm have a calculated field that gets values from a View by the earliest date. It puts together a string (for html view) with 3 fields (date, project, and title) of the record so it can be displayed in an html block. It looks like this: CONVERT(VARCHAR(40),(SELECT TOP 1 DueDate FROM _V_Client_Portal_Calendar_Notify Where PortalID='[@authfield:PortalID]' ORDER BY DueDate ASC)) + '<br />' + (SELECT TOP 1 Project_Name FROM _V_Client_Portal_Calendar_Notify Where PortalID='[@authfield:PortalID]' ORDER BY DueDate ASC) + '<br /><i>' + (SELECT TOP 1 Title FROM _V_Client_Portal_Calendar_Notify Where PortalID='[@authfield:PortalID]' ORDER BY DueDate ASC) The issue is I need to then have another calculated field that gets the 2nd 'top' record, and another for the 3rd and 4th. How do you change this calculation to pull the 2nd record instead of the first? The result is I what to be able to pull the next 4 events in a calendar table, one in each calculated field, so they can be displayed as notifications.
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