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Found 3 results

  1. I have a table which includes a timestamp and a type field (among others) I've created triggers and a view that combines this table into itself and displays a clock-in time, clock-out time, and a total time difference between them in HH:MM format. The formula in the calculated field is below: CONVERT(varchar(5), DATEADD(minute, DATEDIFF(minute, [@field:Patrol_Activity_Database_Date], [@field:Patrol_Activity_Database_1_Date]), 0), 114) My issue is that I need to have a total/aggregate for this field, but it gives an invalid error if I just do sum, and I've been unable to figure out how to get it to add the time and display it in the HH:MM format. Any help would be great!
  2. I have created a search and report page to display time sheets for employees. We have different "types" of time: regular, holiday, sick, vacation, personal, and bereavement. The employee selects this from a drop down when submitting time sheets. When running the report, I would like the data to be sorted by date, to keep it as easy to read as possible. However, at the bottom of the report, I would like a total of all the hours as well as totals for any types indicated (i.e. Sick Total 4 hours, Vacation Total 8 hours, Regular Total 28 hours, Total 40 hours). I can get totals for subgroups and overall, but that automatically sorts the data by the subgroup (Type), so the data is sorted by Type before Date. I'm including a screen shot for reference. Can you tell me how to get all the totals to appear at the bottom, so I can sort by Date? Thanks!
  3. I am trying to make a SQL calculation in a HTML data page, to display the sum of points attained by the logged-in group member. My SQL statement, in a calculated field, is: select sum(Points) from Activity_Table where Activity_Table.Member_ID = [@field:Member_ID] If I manually set the member_ID field in the formula (e.g. Activity_Table.Member_ID = 103), the formula works correctly, but when I try it as shown above my result is the sum of ALL points regardless of member. I am assuming that there is some problem passing the field value correctly, but I can't figure it out. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks!!
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