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Found 11 results

  1. When updating a record using the REST API, I encounter the following error: "Code":"TriggerRuntimeError","Message":"Data change cannot be performed due to triggered action failed. Please contact administrator." The table has a triggered action to send an email anytime a record is updated or inserted. The really strange part is that everything works perfectly fine when using chrome. The error is only thrown in mozilla and only thrown when updating a record. Inserting a record works as expected. I am using php & curl to make the requests.
  2. I'm looking for a workaround to remove a value on my dropdown field if it was already selected by one of my users and submitted using a submission form. Is that possible?
  3. I'm creating a triggered action to insert data into a separate table and am wondering if you can pass a virtual field?
  4. I'm looking to create a triggered action based on one field being updated within a table on an existing record. So once the employee is selected from a drop down within the record I want to have an email sent to them. The email address will need to be pulled from my employee table. Here is what I've come up with so far - problem is an email goes out with any change made to any field within the record...I only want this to trigger when one specific field is updated to the employees name. Help!? example trigger.pdf
  5. Hi all, Is anyone able to please explain how Table Variables can be used in Triggered Actions, ideally with screenshots of how they are set and used? I have a Triggered Action where I am currently creating & setting (via select) a large number of individual variables and I believe that a Table Variable would allow me to do this once. I have not been able to find any useful Caspio documents on Table Variables and have just been on a very frustrating chat with support who confirmed that there is no documentation/instructions on the functionality. The only mention I can find of them is "table variables for temporarily storing a set of records, which can be used as the data source for other Action blocks" which is in the Triggered Action "howto" page. TIA Craigsz
  6. I am creating an on insert trigger for my table but upon testing, I got this error. Modified the trigger to a simple insert like this: However, the error still persists. Does anyone encounter the same issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hello, I am trying to make a triggered action that inserts records that have certain zip codes into a different table. The zip codes are stored as the Text 255 data type. The records that I want to send to the new table are ones with the zipcodes 00001 - 29999; 32000 - 34999; 40000 to 71599; and 73000 - 99999. I have been trying to use "SELECT WHERE #inserted.zip is greater than/less than" to filter the data, but I am getting weird results. For example, a zip code of 90210 gets shot to the other table, but 99876 does not, even though they both should be "greater than" 73000 in an alphanumeric sense because they both begin with 9. Does anyone know of a way to make triggered actions work with this. I don't see a way in triggered actions to cast the zipcodes as numerical values for the comparison either. I have included a screenshot of the triggered action I am setting up. Hopefully it helps you see what I am doing wrong lol.
  8. Hi, I'm trying to to created a triggered action that populates and Audit Log Summary Table (1 record per event - ) and an Audit Log Details Table ( 1 record per changed Field/Column). Workflow is upon Insert or Update to Orders Table want to Log Changes. Trying to keep Log tables as simple as possible. Assume following Table Structures: Orders Table: Accession ID (Primary Key) Editable fields 1 Editable fields 2 Editable fields 3 Editable fields 4 Editable fields 5 Last Modified - Timestamp Last Modified by - User Stamp Audit Log Summary Table: Summary ID (Primary Key) Accession ID(Foreign Key from Orders) Modified by User Modified Date Change Type (I, U, D) Audit Log Details Table: Audit Log Detail ID (Primary Key) Summary ID (Foreign Key from Summary Table) Column Name( Field that changed in orders table) Old Value New Value I know how to create the trigger to insert Accession ID, Modified by User, and Modified Date into Summary table upon Insert, Update, or Delete. I'm not certain how to stamp the change type field - based on Insert, Update or Delete. What I'm really struggling with is next step. For each event, how do I identify Fields that changed, and insert changes into details table? An would I be nesting this into original trigger in Orders table, or creating a new trigger in Summary Table? Pasting 1st part of trigger for reference. Any help or guidance greatly appreciated...
  9. I would like to create a triggered action that inserts a client's "random ID" onto other tables with the same client's first and last name. I have tried on my my own without success.
  10. i am thinking that this is not possible with triggered actions but i am looking for any alternatives that may be available. i would like to populate a primary key into a new record in a child table so that i can avoid having to use a submission form. ideally i would link to a details report data page from a main page using external parameter and the user would add information for that table. each table is a different part of a process and will not all be completed at the same time so i need a way for them to reference that table even if no data has been added yet. Client Information (Parent Table), Workflow Table 1(Child Table, Workflow Table 2(Child Table)...
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