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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, Does anyone know how to get and use the system date/time (the local computer's date/time and not a UTC value) in a table's triggered actions, and then use it? I have a table that logs activity from other tables and need to be able to log the user's local system date/time upon insert. The function SysDateTime() isn't available in a table's formula field and I'm not sure how/if I can use SysDateTime() to populate a date/time field in the table upon insert. In the Activity table's Upon Insert trigger, it would be something like a date/time field: Created_Local=SysDateTime() in t
  2. I have two tables. In the top table I have data pulling in to the table using API calls. It currently pulls in the ID number of the location and not the locations Name. I would like the ID number to change to the store location name as soon as it hits the table using the bottom left table that shows the Store name and the ID associated with the name. The bottom right table shows what I would like is to have the top table Page_ID field to be replaced by the ID in the bottom table. The final result would be what the bottom right table would like like. I tried a trigger but I couldn't figu
  3. I have many projects and each project has many tasks. Each time we start a new project staff spend hours loading in all the tasks. In very many cases we already have a project where the tasks are very similar. If the staff could copy/duplicate the tasks from the similar project and just replace the project_id with the project_id of the new project, then the team could save hours by just adjusting the tasks that were different. I have a Table TBL_Project_Tasks and it holds the tasks for all projects. Each record holds Task_id; Project_id; Task Description; Task_sequence; Task comment
  4. Hi guys, I have what will probably be a simple question but I can't seem to work it out. Essentially I have a Checkbox called ConstructionContractAvailable? and what I would like to have happen is when a field called Prime Contractor is not blank that Checkbox will uncheck. All of this is in the same table and datapage. When I try it I get the Recursive Call warning. All I want is when there are words in the section called Prime Contractor the checkbox unchecks itself. Is this possible? I've included a picture of what I did (that didn't work). Any advice would be great.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to populate multiple records, based on a single record selection and submittal. I have 3 data pages involved in this process. I'll change some of the naming-convention from my industry-specific jargon to make a bit more sense: Data Page 1: Team Name, Employee, Title In the first data page the user organizes their employee's into different Teams. Each team is given a name and there are usually 4 to 5 employee's on each team who each have their own title. For example, Team 1 may have: > Billy - Team Lead > Bobby - Organizer >
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