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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everybody I'm trying to make a trigger which send a email with only the exactly data what has been updated in a details datapage. For example: - if the price has been updated send "new price: updated_price", - if has been updated price and name send "new price: updated_price, new name: updated_name", My problem is that it send a email for each updated column of the row instead of only one email. There is a mode to avoid such thing? If this is something I have to do in the details datapages how i could do it?
  2. Hi, first time user with no HTML so please go easy on me. We want to allocate various jobs to a user. We currently run a tabular report to select a range of jobs but then have to go into the detail view of each job (record) to select the appropriate user from a dropdown in the allocate duser field, click update and return to results to allocate the next job. It works but but the guy using it says it was a lot simpler in Excel where he could simply click on the dropdown list in the appropriate cell under allocated user column and select a user. Is it possible to update using a dropdown in the tabular report? Or maybe design an update sheet where we could see multiple jobs and just update the allocated user field? Thanks
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