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Found 4 results

  1. Benades

    Referral Link

    Hi, I need to create a typical referral link when followed it would auto complete a field (Referrer ID) in a registration form. All the examples I've seen talk about passing parameters from one form to another without being seen where in my case I need it displayed as text (or URL). Thanks for the input
  2. I want to call a datapage URL with query parameters then have an HTML Block Link "pass through" those parameters via the URL call to my second datapage. 1) Call Tabular Rpt datapage to list (all) items from a table (caspio URL with parameters: WID=User ID, LBE=Email) from CMS (Wix) - these are current user id fields and NOT part of a table yet - URL (from CMS): https://caspioacct.caspio.com/dp/appid1?WID=" + userId + '&LBE=' + userEmail (works fine) 2) Have that Rpt datapage (in Details Page Fields) present an HTML Block with a Link to call a Submission Form datapage to create an entry in a different table (caspio URL with parameters: WID=User ID, LBE=Email, UniqueID=caspio primary key from first table, ItemName=caspio ItemName from first table) - https://caspioacct.caspio.com/dp/appid2?WID=HelpMe&LBE=HelpMeAgain!&UniqueID=[@field:TableID]&ItemName=[@field:ItemName] - the last two fields are part of the main table and work fine - no problem (works fine) - BUT the first two fields are managed externally in the CMS and are not part of Caspio environment (except via URL parameters from the initial call) Note: I had this junk working with Authentication fields before having the bright idea to move user management to the CMS. When I try to add fields to the Link, my only options are Data Source Fields (table) or System Parameters but these are neither at the time of the call. I tried adding two "temp" fields to the original table and loading the External parameters but they're empty when I make the call. I might also be able to create a "temp" table for the fields I need but that seems unnecessary. Is there anything like a "global" variable I can store something in before I put it in the table? OF course, it needs to be accessible by the second datapage. Any other workaround approaches from those more experienced? Please help (and pardon the ramblings of a noob).
  3. I have a gallery report datapage with a Search form and Results displaying on the same page in the results I am using a (specific data field) to link to the details page I want to create a custom link - (click here for Ingredients info) the user clicks on the custom link which takes user to another details page How do I set this up where the link is going to another details page? Any help is appreciated! Thank you --example-- Butter Pecan Ice Cream --> Link to Detail page (Specific data field) - THIS WORKS! 1234 Somewhere Lane City, state, 12345 Website: www.ButterPecan.com --> go to website (opens in another window) THIS WORKS! custom link --> click here for Ingredient info (HELP!)
  4. Hi everyone im new at caspio and im having problems to open a pdf file stored on ftp server. Full path is "ftp://ftp.copmacoltda.com/CIRCULARES/2018/0001.pdf" and work fine if i paste it on web browser but when i use URL link from caspio DataPage tries to open "ftp//ftp.copmacoltda.com/CIRCULARES/2018/0001.pdf"(:) colon is missing, any idea on how to fix it? tvm
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