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Found 6 results

  1. I'd like to set a default record limit of 1000 (or 999 if that's the limit) when I have user selectable enabled. Right now, it defaults to 25 and only lets users select up to 250. How can I change this?
  2. Hi everybody, I'm trying to create a log in DataPage that, depending on the user level (Admin, Developer or Customer), will grant or deny access to another DataPage. The user type (level) is a field of Users Table. So the process would be: 1) register as a user with email and username (already done that) - 3 different Forms for each user type/level; 2) After a user has registered they can log in; 3) Depending on which type of user logs in, they will be granted access to a different DataPage or even to the same DataPage but with different permissions. How do I do that? I couldn't find anything on the Help pages. Thank you.
  3. In each of my application tables, I have added four fields for created timestamp, created by user ID, updated timestamp, updated by user ID. I am having trouble figuring out how to capture the "updated by user ID" field when I am editing a record from within a tabular datapage (both inline and details view editing). Any help at all would be appreciated!
  4. Hi I am new to caspio and not a fluent sql programmer but understand some of the logic. I have a Users_table, and a particular submit form, that includes a submitted_by field for the unique email address of the user. I would like to create a report that lists out the users that have not completed the form on that particular day. And a summary table of the number of users completed vs not-completed. Ideally I would be able to include other filters in the pivot. I am having a problem structuring this in the report, can anyone help out with just the first part? Thanks
  5. I found a post in this forum from 2009 asking this question- but I'm hoping that since 6 has passed perhaps there's a more detailed answer. I have a multi-tenant app that I need to track user activity on. The usage Logs don't really help because you have to manually do it to see results, and filter down to specific users. What I'd like to do is be able to pull authenticated user # of logins and possibly new records created in certain tables (by that user)- between date ranges automatically so I can see that data with each user's account record in a datapage. The post above mentioned using something like Omniture or 3rd party apps with Caspio but there's zero instruction on how to do this. Does anyone have a fairly straightforward solution for this need?
  6. Hi, My database has a dropdown list that users can pick from. They choose the product they want based off that list, however, many of them choose the same item or more than one. This means that I receive many notifications from the same person. Is it possible to block someone from choosing an item once they have chosen one item from the list?
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