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Found 5 results

  1. I have a DataPage deployed in Wix which deployed my DataPages as iFrame. I also have a hyperlink in my DataPage inserted in an HTML block but when I click this link, it just opens inside the iFrame and not in a new page. Is there any ways to fix this?
  2. Looking for a site builder that works well with Caspio and also has more customizability than platforms like Weebly/Wordpress. I need to be able to easily make elements larger or smaller and reduce margins. I really liked the setup of Wix but unfortunately Wix doesn't work well with the website I need to build as I need to be able to pass parameters. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  3. hello everyone, I am new to caspio but am very happy of their existence. let me explain. as a computer consultant i have been hired to upgrade a customer's website. He has one created exclusively with tools from the DIY website wix.com sadly, wix does not support my customers request for a database. Happily, Caspio DOES support database usage within a wix built website. I first went to Caspio support but they referred me here (for free). Specifically: database has four fields --- first name, last name, ls certification, certificate i.e. text, text, nn-nnnn, pdf file input: last name output: first name, last name, ls certification, link to view pdf of ls certification I am already signed up for next week's 3 Caspio webinars but as of the moment I need you help most! thanks
  4. I am trying to integrate Wix with Caspio. In this case, specifically calling a datapage that I defined, by clicking on an image on a Wix website I am building. The Caspio datapages can read external or system parameters that are set but I could not find a way or workaround to set extra parameters to the request that goes out when an image is clicked. Suppose I have 3 images on my site that call the same caspio datapage when clicked. How do I set parameters based on which image is clicked and read them as external or bridge parameters (or anything I can access) to do processing differently in that datapage based on these parameters. So for example, if image Apple is clicked, one or two (one is good for now) parameters should be set to 'Apple' and 'Red' for the datapage that is called and for the datapage to be able to read these settings. Similarly if an Orange is clicked the two parameters set will be 'Orange' and 'orange' etc. Is there any other way to differentiate to tell me which image was clicked, as a workaround. Any suggestions or solution is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I am fairly new to this, so forgive me if this is a simple matter. I would like to know if there is a way to use an authentication to change the page of the Wix website it is hosted on. My application is fairly complex (at least for me) and I would like the authentication that occurs at the beginning of the app flow to advance the page on the website to the authentication-protected material. The issue is - with multpile pages on the website and different Caspio datapages on each webpage, how do I provide a user with website navigation but keep the user from having access to the navigation until after they have logged in? If I show a menu on all pages, then they can advance without logging in. If I don't provide a menu on the home (login) page, then how do they advance to other pages that have additional Caspio-based content? The issue is that Caspio controls only the database tables, etc. (I think). My website will have different pages that have different parts of my app, each displaying a different datapage. If I don't provide webpage navigation, how can I get them from one page to another? If I do provide webpage navigation, how do I make it appear only after they have logged in?
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