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Found 5 results

  1. Will trigger be executed in a table when new record is inserted via Zapier?
  2. I have built a Caspio submission form that contains 8 fields that collect data using a multi-select string field. Upon submission of the data, I need to send the data to FormStack. I am using Zapier to do so. The problem I am running into is that Zapier does not read the multi-select data field. Does anyone know of a work around of how I can collect the data via a multi-select field in a submission form and send the data to another database?
  3. Hi guys, thanks in advance for taking a look at my question. First a brief overview of what our site does: We have a database of construction projects in AZ that tracks project information, contacts etc. Users can search the Database with a variety of different options: Market Sector, Owner, Zip Code, etc etc. We have the option for users to created a Saved Search so they can just run that search every day instead of inputting their search criteria every time. Our developers have created a "Daily Digest" which uses a code to run those Saved Searches and send an email once a day to a
  4. Hello, Any suggestions how could the following be done! I would like to use information from two tables First table (Orders) contains Customer_Email and Product_ID (Filled automatically using Zapier Integration) Second Table (Products) contains Product_ID and Product_URL When a new order is made, an email message should be sent to the customer’s email contains the related Product_URL Note: Zapier does not read Capsio Views also does not update a table
  5. I've been trying to find the subdomain for my account so I can use Zapier- it's not there. Under Account settings in Account Defaults it's not there. It's not there if I click 'Edit' like I was told to do by Caspio. It's also not under Account information either. I signed up with Caspio around April/May 2015 so it was after subdomains became standard. Yet I can't find mine. Really need help with this- very frustrating, spent a lot of time clicking around for nothing. Thanks-
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