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Submit emails first before download



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Hello Shiro,

I have have an idea for a possible workaround for that. But this work around is kinda pricey since it will require you some additional datapages.

My idea is, multiple redirection.

on your first/ main report datapage, disable the download function for your file. Then create an HTML block that that has a link which upon click, will redirect the user to a submission form where the user has to enter his email first. Then upon submission, the user will be redirected to another report datapage (possibly a copy of his main/first report datapage) which has the real download options enabled. 

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Hello @Shiro

You have a fair point regarding about that. I have a resolution for that but it is going to be troublesome.

My  idea is use passing parameters via query string.  You will have to separate your search form and reports page by making a dummy submission form and and setting your reports page's search setting to filter via external parameter. follow the instructions here: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/tech-parameters/results-and-details-on-two-separate-web-pages/

on the first download link (the one who will redirect you to submission form ) include the parameters from your search in there even though it is not needed on the submission form. However, you may want to record those also, so you can have a record of what the certain submitter searched and downloaded. Then, on your final redirection, include those parameter again on your URL.

Its like passing the parameter, multiple of times  until you it reach the final reports datapage. I hope you get the idea


I think their is a JS for capturing the URL of the first report page. if you can find something like that, you can lessen the trouble of this workflow by simply capturing the whole URL and using it as the parameter.






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If you are planning to count them by how many times they clicked the download link on the duplicate report page, then no. I dont think we can do something about that without JS magic. If you are planning to count them depending on the  how many times they sent an email, then simply use an autonumber id field on your data source for the submission. It should automatically count them for you. If you want to be more neat, use triggered action and use a seperate datasource so you can also count how many times a certain email is submitted. Though I guess it can also be done via SQL on calculated fields/value/.



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