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Triggered action for loop to normalize data


I have two tables that are linked with a relationship table. Basically a Problem table (Fields: ID, Name, Description, etc.) and Vertical table (Fields: ID, Name, Description, etc.) linked by a ProblemVertical relationship table (Fields: ProblemID, VerticalID). The ProblemVertical is a many to many table. The Vertical list is relatively static. The Problem list is very dynamic. Any time I add a new Problem, I want to create a relationship to each of the current Verticals. So, if I have the Vertical table as below and add Problem 1 to the Problem table, I want to automatically create the records in ProblemVertical as shown below. I could hard code in the Vertical IDs to a triggered action, but that would be a pain on the occasion that a vertical changes or is added/removed. I would prefer to be able to loop through the Vertical table somehow when I add a record to the Problem table.

Problem Table   Vertical Table   ProblemVertical Table
ID Name   ID Name   ProblemID VerticalID
Prob1 Problem 1   Vert1 Vertical 1   Prob1 Vert1
      Vert2 Vertical 2   Prob1 Vert2

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Bonus Round !!!

If you wish to fill the missing ProblemVertical records, [perhaps if new Verticals were added and you wish to relate this with pre-existing Problems] you may use the Task below. Then run it on demand.





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