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Script to select random .png from uploaded files in submission form

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Anyone have any idea to create a script that will add a profile pic .png file to a submission form on a file field. I am trying to randomly create a profile pic when I add a user to a contact list. The form captures name emai, etc etc and I can add a profile pic field which they can then select from a drop down of files in a folder etc.. BUT I want the system to auto add a random profile pic to a file field. I have noticed that the file field to upload a profile pic in a submission for does not have the option to hide ?? so I found a script in the help pages that hides fields. I assume I can put the script above and below in html blocks to hide the option for the user to see the profile pic options, but want a way to add a profile pic. I cannot get this to work even if I know the exact file I want to add, the random part was just a thought.. maybe?


Any suggestion from you caspio/script experts?




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