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Reset Button not clearing 'Listbox' selection

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Hello @Kimberly

I have tested this solution in a few Browsers and it works fine. 
Can you try this code?

<input type="reset" value="Reset" />

Also, you need to disable the HTML editor. You can find this adjustment in the Advanced section of the HTML block. There is a checkbox named "Enable HTML editor". You need to uncheck it.

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Hastur, I tried this solution including disabling the HTML editor and still when I click Search Again, I'm returned to the original search form with my originally input parameters still "there." I click Reset and nothing happens.  I've refreshed and still nothing. I'd love to have a solution. Thanks!

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Hello @MinedRight,

I`ve found the similar topic on the Forum regarding the reset button on the different types of DataPages.

This code should work fine if you use Submission form.

<input type="reset" value="Reset" />

As far as I understand, you use the Report DataPage. In this case, please try to use the code that is suggested in the very last reply in this thread (Posted November 12, 2019). 

It should work to clear the fields with all DataType data. 



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