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One Total/Aggregate field wont display - Limit to number of Totals/Aggregates per page?



I have a DP Report  that tally's some basic Yes No responses . 

One is a Yes/No data type field in table (ED_Tour).  - are you coming to this Tour.
The Other is a Text field set as radio button with Yes No options custom defined (Significant_Other?) - Bringing a significant other?

Both Total/Aggregate fields in the report "VERIFY" fine.  But only one will actually display the result on the DP - Yes/No checkbox (ED-Tour).  The text field type Yes No (Significant_Other?) wont show result.

ATTENDING Yes/No type field:  SELECT COUNT [@field:ED_Tour] FROM tablename WHERE [@field:ED_Tour] = 1

Significant_Other  text field (radio button assigned values):  SELECT COUNT [@field:Significnat_Other] FROM tablename WHERE [@field:Significnat_Other] = "Yes"




As always, all input VERY appreciated.

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Regarding the OP, I suggest to not reference from your DataSource fields ([@field:]) since you are using a SELECT statement. Secondly, try enclosing the count fieldname inside parentheses.


The resulting query should look like something below:

SELECT COUNT(Significnat_Other FROM tablename WHERE Significnat_Other = "Yes"

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