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Add Another or + to create multiple entries for a given field on Form



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10 minutes ago, roattw said:

As an example if you had a field to invite guests to an event, and the field was a Name, Im looking to add a + or Add Another button to add up to 4 guest names below first if needed.

I tried to do this some time last year and couldn't figure it out. Obviously, it is not a standard feature (surprise) so it's gotta be something JS. When I was going through this, I initially was trying to just toggle hide/unhide the rest of the input fields with a button, but I couldn't figure out a good way to use a single button to loop through the rest of the input fields one by one. Another problem was removing the input fields if too many were summoned. (Maybe add another 'X' button by each field that when clicked, would hide the field?)

I never finished this workflow and just went another way. But, one thing that might work is to have a JS script to toggle hide/unhide the first additional input field - then use the Rules section in the datapage wizard to hide the rest of the fields in such a manner that if the previous input field is empty, hide the next one. So, you would show the 2nd additional field with the click of a button... then when that 2nd field gets a value, the 3rd one pops up. You'll end up with the user leaving that space empty, but it may not be a huge inconvenience. Or if you don't care much you can skip the button altogether and just have the 2nd line show no matter what after the 1st line has a value. 

Either way, I can't say I am surprised this isn't a standard feature, but it definitely should be. I bet I can take 5 minutes and find 5 examples of widely used forms on the internet that have this workflow. 

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