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Display a document on the webpage along with download link.




I just want to share a workflow again. 

I made a workflow where your users can view a document type of files, directly on your report datapage.

Yes,  I know that there is a howto article for that already.  its this one: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/tech-tip-embed-documents-in-datapages/

However,  the catch on the work I made is, 

1) It also shows the download link for the file.

2) The files are stored on your Caspio Bridge account

3) No need for filestore

The instruction are on the embeded doc file:
display docs on datapage.docx

Hope it helps anyone:



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By the way, I think you can make a huge shortcut on the work if you can make a JS code that willl automate the process on the step 8 and 9. 

Also, this is for document types of file only. Videos and Such are not applicable. You will have to use a different code which I do not  have right now

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Hi! Just an update on this, if you would like to Preview a video and download it, you can use this solution:

Add an HTML block to the "Configure Fields" screen and write the HTML video tag/s based on the solutions explained in the W3Schools: https://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_video_controls.asp

Sample code in HTML Block: 

<video controls width="1080" controls>

    <source src="[@app:Video/]" type="video/mp4">

    Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos.


[@app:Video/] - parameter where the Video File is stored
controls - video controls that consist of the download option

Sample Result:


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