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Parameters not being passed on Squarespace suddenly??



I built a page a couple of years ago with a search form that passes parameters to multiple datapages, all deployed / embedded on a squarespace site. 

Now no parameters are being passed. Squarespace of course offers no support but Caspio says that this is due to Squarespace recently switching to iFrame, which doesn't allow parameters to be passed. 

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there an alternative method to deploying on squarespace, or an alternative site that is much better for this type of deployment? 

Caspio recommended Weebly, but Weebly appeared to be a total disaster and showed duplicates of each datapage, and then went crazy and all the datapages disappeared. 

I'd think that there'd be a simple solution to this, or that this would be an existing issue on the forums, but maybe there is a simple solution. Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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Hi there, 

Based on my experience, these type of services such as Squarespace or Weekly suffer some limitations when combining it with such a powerful service like Caspio. 

I would rather advise to create your own HTML site for hosting your web application, you will discover it is easy and the interface and other functionalities have no limits, you on control over everything. 

Another good alternative, in case you do not want to play with HTML coding is a WordPress site, you can manage your pages in the way you need with a drag and drop site builder. 

It all depends on your needs. I invite you to see this app I created with Caspio so you really see Caspio potential when using custom HTML interface: CASPIO WEB APP EMBEDDED IN HTML SITE

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