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Seeking freelance Caspio developers but how can they get certified?




Our Caspio application Town Digital Hub (https://www.towndigitalhub.info/) may be made available to cities across the UK via Social Echo, a new charitable initiative from The Big Issue to help social enterprises start up and find the resources they need to thrive. Each city will run its own first line help desk, but anything that seems to be a technical issue will be passed back to us as a support ticket. So, we are looking for people to help with technical support.

More info: https://www.linkedin.com/hiring/jobs/1921418108/detail/

Here is my question. The application uses a wide range of Caspio features, so all applicants must be Caspio certified.  But how can new developers get certified when developer.caspio.com requires authentication and the advice at http://static.caspio.com/pdfs/caspio-developer-program-user-guide.pdf doesn't explain how to gain access?

Help gratefully received! Thanks,

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Hi @Keith, I have checked the Caspio website, they have a certification program under the Support on the footer part and I think this is new program from Caspio.


By clicking the link, you will get more information regarding the certification program.image.png.2916220a0046902a220e57ae5e0024d4.png

Certification link: https://www.classmarker.com/online-test/login/



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