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One field updating many records?




I have a student scheduling app where I submit one record to table A with student ID, course #, location, dates, so students can view their schedule for the academic year.  (Example: Sue Smith, Student ID 123456, Math 101, Room 456, August 1-August 10)

There's a trigger on that table that then makes student-specific individual calendar postings to table B for the length of each posting (Math 101, August 1-August10, will have individual table entries for Sue Smith for each date due to the triggered action)

The faculty can update the location of where an individual student is taking their course via their course roster, which updates table A. How can I create a triggered action so that the location update to table A pushes out to all of the individual daily entries in table B so the student's calendar is updated when table A is updated? There is a location field in both tables (Note that the location is specific to each student so a lookup table for this scenario isn't an option. This is clinical student scheduling to each student is in a different location for the same course)


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Your intended workflow appears to be doable. If I got it correctly, our overall intentions here is to apply the changes made on table A to table B. 

On this case, you will need an update trigger on table a that will then also update the table b.

This is the basic:



This will only work ofcourse if your tables have optimal relation between each other but I can say much since I do not know the exact design of your tables.

I hope it helps


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