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PLS 3G Vs PLS 5G Green Laser Level Comparison

Most of the models from the PLS brand are smart and efficient enough to recognize the need of a user. Due to resemblance and similarity in function, you may get confused in several models. Today, we have come up with a comparison of two efficient and amazing models by PLS. the first one is PLS 3G, and the second one is PLS 5G laser level. After going through the comparison, you can choose the best green laser level to nail any project.

 Let’s get into the complete details of these models and compareFk7YO68.gif  Top Green Laser Levels On The Market that works the best for you.

PLS 3G Laser Level Vs. PLS 5G Laser Level



For the accurate layout and quick performance, the PLS 3G laser level is your working companion to assist. This model is supportive in electrical and residential projects, HVAC installation, construction sites, and steel stud framing. 

PLS 3G - the best rated laser level - emits a green laser beam that is 3 times brighter as compared to the red beam. For projects that involve the measurement of longer distances, this laser level can handle the complexity. You can witness the laser beam even in bright lighting conditions.

This laser level is a complete kit to get you started soon after unpacking the product without investing in any accessories. The kit includes a floor stand, L-bracket, overhanging, and centerline measurements. The laser class of this product is II.

Other than features and functionalities, the operating time of a device is 30 hours, especially when you are working continuously on a job site. The battery is quite durable, and without interrupting the operation, it will work smoothly. 

PLS 3G which is considered to be the best self leveling laser level delivers accuracy of about 1/8” at the distance of 30ft. The alignment of a product is up to the mark, and even if you are using it for the first time, you will love the accuracy. There is no need to complicate the whole process when all the buttons are right in front of you.

This laser level is IP54 rated, which proves its ability to stand in rough weather. If you are working in conditions where dust, debris, and water can affect the product, then don’t worry because this laser level is safe from environmental factors. There are no possibilities of internal damage.

Pendulum lock is the kind of feature that protects your device from damage and keeps its lock during traveling. Pendulum lock also plays an important role in self-leveling and lets the user get alert about any changes in the settings.

The compact design and portability of the PLS 3G best green beam laser level allow you to move it from one site to another without handling issues. It can be kept in your handbag to use anywhere. It has gone through 1m drop tested and works on 3AA batteries. In case of accidental falling, there will be no damage to the product.


The battery power of the device is not that impressive, and you may have to replace it with some high-power batteries.

PLS 5G 5-Point Laser Level:


PLS 5G laser level is another professional green beam laser level with all the qualities and functionalities you need to attempt complex projects. 

✬✬✬ Read our blogDvU5PAS.gifBest Green Laser Level Reviews - Top Green Beam Laser Levels to Buy


It’s the 5 point green and brightest laser level that is offering advanced features, protection, and visibility to a user. It also has an impressive self-leveling range that is about +-4 degrees. There is no need to adjust the device after short intervals of time.

The accuracy of the PLS 5G laser level is +-1/8” at a distance of 30ft. No matter if you are working on an indoor project or an outdoor one, the accuracy will help you in getting perfect results. The working range is also impressive, which is 100ft.

The battery life of a multi line laser level is quite amazing, and it can perform continuously for 9 hours straight. The green beam consumes more battery as compared to the red beam, but this battery can work for a long time.

It has a pendulum lock to maintain the self-leveling feature as well as to lock the internal mechanism while transporting the device from one job site to another. This is the feature that makes traveling with laser level more convenient.

PLS 5G laser level is IP54 rated to protect the small parts and performance from getting affected by environmental factors. Water, dust, and debris will not enter into the laser level system. It can work safely for a whole day at the site.

This laser level weighs 1.3 pounds and compact in design. The portability of the device is exceptional, and no separate bag is needed to pack it.

This is a complete kit that includes a carrying pouch, magnetic L-bracket, pendulum target, floor stand, BP5 Alkaline battery pack, green reflective target, and everything you need to get started. 

PLS 5G professional laser level emits 5 different beams in 5 directions. The directions include left, right, up, down, and forward. 

It can work like a wonder, especially for plumb and square alignment projects. The accuracy is high and precise, suitable for all beginners.

If you are searching for the best laser level for builders, then readPgyJfIX.gifWhich Is The Best Green Laser Level - Top Green Beam Laser Levels.


Laser levels are suitable for all the professionals who are looking for something accurate and precise in the market but unable to find it. PLS 3G laser and PLS 5G laser level, both are compatible for small and huge projects, but it depends on your requirement what kind of project do you want to choose? For us, both of the devices are suitable and tested to handle complexity. These devices can work on a variety of projects to serve you.

From the layout to the visibility of the beam, there is nothing you won’t love about these models, and definitely, it’s a confusing decision. Learn about the pros and cons of both, and then you can decide to invest in a certain product.

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