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Sample Triggered Actions


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For starters, let's start with one of the most basic Triggered Actions template that you can try. Basically, this triggered action inserts records to a second table upon insert.  Here's the two table designs that I've created just to give you a better visualization of what this trigger does.

Table 1:


Table 2:


*These two tables contain the exact same table design but I've decided to change the name of the fields to avoid confusion.

Here's how the Triggered Actions look like:


The event that I've selected for this is the 'insert data' event so it will trigger whenever new records are inserted on the table. I then added an 'INSERT INTO' block and selected the destination table which is the 'User_Table_Sample2'. To be able to select the fields that I want to use as a reference for the fields in the destination table, I added a 'SELECT FROM' block and selected the table 1 which is also where this Triggered Action is placed. Lastly, you can now add all the fields that you want to include on the trigger.

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1 minute ago, astroboy said:

I've been practicing on working with application task and I was able to make this simple template with a workflow that transfers the record to the second table if the record isn't there yet. here's the screenshot:



In case you are wondering, you may also combine triggered actions and application tasks to achieve your desired workflow. Here's a video tutorial that I'm using as a reference: 


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