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Hide sections and require fields based on a value



Hello! I am trying to hide 4 sections of my details page based on the value of my field Status. I will also be showing a specific section based on the value and all of the fields under it will be set to required. However, I cannot reference a section more than once when I am creating rules. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi! What you can do is I created one rule per value to hide sections and one to require fields. I am not sure if there is an easier way to do this, but I think it works fine. You can check the sample DataPage here. To achieve this, I created a total of 10 rules since I am using 5 values that I will refer to.

In this screenshot, if my field is not equal to Opened, I will hide section 2, which is the only section that I want to show up if the field IS EQUAL TO Opened.

Treat it as a reverse way. Instead of setting the criteria to IF FIELD is not equal to THIS VALUE, THEN SHOW THIS SECTION. In my example, what it is doing is IF FIELD is not equal to THIS VALUE, THEN HIDE THIS SECTION. (I hope this makes sense :D)



This rule is for setting the fields under section 2 to required. To explain this, what my rule does is it checks if my field is not equal to Active, Pending, Closed, and Cancelled, the fields under my section 2, the section that shows up if the value of the filed is Opened, will be required. 


You'll have to create 2 per value. Say you only have 2 values to choose from, you will only create a total of 4 rules. I think this is a little hard to understand or a little confusing, but I hope you understand it. Good luck! :wub:


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