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Finding the best database



Hi there, we are currently using amazon's database services for our website but lately there applications have been having various issues.That's why we are thinking about switching to another service as having these issues have started to affect our business. My question is which ones of your application can offer the same services we get from Amazon? Another question are you service easy to install and if there's a trial period?

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Hello @Danieljoseph,

Caspio is a low-code cloud platform for building online database applications without or with a few coding

Answering your question, yes, Caspio has trial period. You may sign up for 14 days trial so that you can evaluate the platform for yourself. Once you sign up to the Trial account, a Solution Consultant will be assigned to your account, and they can even demonstrate you the features of this platform and help you jumpstart your project with Caspio.  And the best thing about the Trial account - it is completely FREE, no cards needed to create a trial account!

They also have Ready-made applications that showcase the features of the platform. You may want to visit them at https://www.caspio.com/apps/ to find workflows that may suit your application needs.  

You can sign up to their Trial Plan here: Free Trial

Hope this helps!

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In order to be able to successfully achieve the goal of your application, below is a simple project outline to help you plan your application. 

1. Define what is the goal of your application 

-It is recommended to Scope these key areas to scope prior to beginning: 

• What users and roles will be needed to access this application. 
• What type of interfaces (forms or reports) will be needed for each users.
• What are the records and information each users can access 


2. Determine how are you going to start your App in Caspio Bridge 

a. Start by importing data – Use if you have data to use as basis for new application. 
b. Start with blank app to create an app from scratch. 

Note: During your development phase, these areas will likely change as you refine the project. Initial planning allows you to organize your thoughts and plan the development. 

Also, I would like to provide you the following video tutorials to help you get started in the platform. 


As we all know, The first step in creating a web-based application is to build a normalized table. I just like to make sure that the tables are well-architected accordingly to the needs of your application. You can click the link below to view the presentation  

  1. Introduction to Table and Table Design  

  2. Data Normalization: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oexOYUUyQik   

  3. One-to-Many Relationships: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IstAk982ntA  

  4. Many-to-Many Relationships: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7D8u6Lb2BKU  

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Hi, just to update this post. Caspio now launches its New Youtube series(?) I find this very interesting.  It is called  Caspio Labs. And the Livestream is every Monday! This is a great help for us users of Caspio to learn how to transform Excel data into immersive web dashboards. This also help us level up our Caspio skills with development tips and personal coaching straight from the platform specialist and their technical evangelist.

What I also love about this is they always tackle new topic every week. I also suggest to subscribe to their YouTube channel to be automatically notified. 




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