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Parameters through Query String getting cut off



I am passing Parameters through Query String, but it's getting cut off! I am passing multiple fields, maybe 8 of them, including a description. Is it because it's too long? What else can I use then? 


I'm using an HTML Block on Details of Reports DataPage and when I click on the link, I want to pass the parameters to a Submission Form.

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That's kind of a strange workflow, why receive an ID in a Submission Form? Is this just to connect the record to the main one?

If that's so, trigger should be the best way to do this. If you want it displayed, it gets more complicated. You will need Cascading Form Elements. However, there's no Cascading Text Area, so, we will need a JavaScript for this

1. Just pass the ID of the Record on your Details Page. (<a href="https://c2aby549.caspio.com/dp/83ff8000b539c247760a46d6aa9b?Receive_ID=[@field:ID]" target="_blank">Pass Parameter</a>)

2. On your Submission Form, receive the ID, and on the other fields, use Cascading TextFields




For your Text Description, since there is no Cascading Text Area, you will need a Virtual Field to get the Text(64000) Field


You can do this on the Description field itself, however, if you want to display it on a Text Area, you will have to use a JavaScript.

On your footer, paste this code


document.querySelector("input[id^='cbParamVirtual1']").addEventListener("change", function(e){

document.getElementById("InsertRecordDescription").value = document.querySelector("input[id^='cbParamVirtual1']").value;





Change the number on cbParamVirtual1 depending on your Virtual Field. If it's a Virtual2 change it to cbParamVirtual2.

Change InsertRecordDescription to your actual field name, for example if it's called 'Notes' it would be  InsertRecordNotes

Here's a Sample DataPage I made with this



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21 hours ago, Heather said:

Hello @TellMeWhy, will this also work if my parameter has special characters included?

It should work as long as the special character is not included in the query string, since you're only passing an ID, it, most probably, does not have any special characters. This is a workaround, as this is technically not passing all those values, but getting it directly from the table while using the ID field as a reference

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