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Best Datatype for Time Field - Sorting Inside Calendar By Time



I have a Calendar Datapage that acts as a schedule of appointments. The records on this datapage have two time fields, Time From and Time To.

I am trying to sort the records within each date cell by Time From. So, if there are two records in the March 3rd cell, I would want the one that has Time From 7:00AM to come before the one with Time From: 12:00PM. There is a spot in the datapage wizard to sort the records, but when I choose this field, it sorts them by the integer and not as if they were Time fields. 

I have tried using the Date/Time field and it requires a date to be added and will not just let you use time values. 

Could anyone help me with a way to have my users see the Time fields as 12-hour format, but still be able to sort by Time in the Calendar Datapage?

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Sorry @TellMeWhy, I should've explained what I was doing better.

For this application, users need to select a time range using the Time From and Time To fields. I do not believe you can select or enter just a time using Date/Time field, as I have tried that. Can you specify a time in the datepicker? 

What I am trying to do is like what there is in this Caspio Ready-Made App in their 'New Appointment' form. However, it looks like they are just creating their own input field in an html block for it. I don't see a field in the table for the time to be saved in, but somehow it is saved and used in their calendar.

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Hi @kpcollier,  Caspio does not have any standard feature for a time picker, but you may check this How-to article for customization. You can also check this URL as a sample.

You can also use this code: <input id="time" type="time">, by inserting it to a HTML block and disabling the HTML editor. Below will be the final output.


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