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fields in lookup tables for dropdowns in datapages do not match underlying view



i have changed / added / renamed fields in some tables. i have checked the views which use those tables, and have ensured that the changes are reflected in the view  (e.g. ensured that 'include all fields' is checked).

however,  whenever i use a VIEW for a datapage, the 'datasource' fields that are available for record-level security or for lookup tables in dropdown elements show only the old fields and the old field names. the only way to see the correct fields is to use the table as the datasource, but of course that shouldn't be the case.

all this is to say, it seems that dropdowns in datapages for lookup tables and record -level security are using cached versions of the original view/table.

a screenshot is tough to pull off, but perhaps this example will help:

current table fields:

field ABC (originally named field AB)

field XYZ (not originally in table or view)

current view fields (match table, as expected):

field ABC

field XYZ

fields available for dropdowns and record-level security in datapages (does not match table; unexpected behavior):

field AB (not field ABC, and not field XYZ)



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@aaronfreed I'm not sure if this is the same, but it sounds like a problem I have previously experienced.

Go to the view that is giving you problems and edit it. On the last page 'Field Properties' (where the Include All button is), select a field and look to the right at 'Name'.

When you edit a table, the view updates but the names for the fields do not. So, the names look correct on the list on the left of the page (where you select which fields to include), but when you look at what it is named, it will be the old name of the field. (The name is what is used in datapages and likely screwing you up)

A quick way to refresh the names is to go to the selected tables on Edit View, take the edited table out of the Selected Tables list, and then put it back in. You do not need to click finish every time, just put it back to Available Tables and then to Selected Tables real quick. You may need to reconfigure criteria if you do this. This should refresh all of the names for that table. Or, you can just go through the 'Field Properties' list 1 by 1 and change the name from there. 

Hope this helps.

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thank you, @kpcollier that sounds like a far more efficient approach than what tech support just gave me, which was to go to each field in the view and manually un-include it and then re-include it. i told them i hoped they didn't consider that to be resolution, but rather only a temp workaround.

i appreciate your taking the time to help me out.

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