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Filtration Criteria

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I am building a view from two tables. I have joined them correctly but I am not build the "Where Condition" filtration criteria on a date field. The interface doesn't provide any help

Basically,  I want to build this criteria

Select all records ( from the joined tables) Where Work_Date is blank  or Work_Date is not today's date

the problem is that it wants me to hardcode  today's date ; this will work for today and tomorrow my query will be useless

Is their a way to do it


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Hi @myName,

If I understood you correctly, you want to filter the records where Work_Date is blank  or Work_Date is not today's date.

Here is a workaround that I found.

You may add a Difference field in the Table and populate it with the Application Task. Then use this field to Filter the needed records in View.

Table (Difference - Number data type):


The Task can be set up to run every day and update the Difference field. Basically, it checks the difference in days. If it is today- then difference will be equal to 0.


In the View you may filter all the records where Difference field is not equal to 0.


Hope this helps!

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Thank you very much

I have tested the proposed solution

I need to filter out all records that match todays date. It looks like "Before Now and After Now" take  into consideration the time. So it will be evaluated to true if there is a record in the database before a second ago

an equivalent  Pseudocode sql statement would look similar to the following

Select *  from the joined result where Work_date  is NULL or work_date not equal to todays date

Thanks again

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