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Copying a file from one record to another



We have a requirement to in essence; duplicate some records.  We currently use a URL link to feed a new submit form with some of the essential details in the original record.  So the new record is created from clicking on the URL link  one you are in the original.  It works fine as long as there ere not too many fields to copy across.

However one field we would dearly like to copy across is the file field. Does anyone have a method for doing this?

I was wondering about using a SELECT Statement off the table with matching it to the original record.  But it seems you cant do this with a File field.  Anyone with any ideas?

Thanks. George

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What I can suggest for this is using a view to inner join the table to itself.

The idea is, you will need an extra field and use it to have the id of the record that has the file that you want for the current record.

Then, using view, use that extra field to join the table to itself. Then only fetch an extra file field. 

You will then have 2 file fields on your view, the one is the original file field for the current record and the other one is the one from the record the extra field matches. 

You wont exactly copy it but will be accessible.

I hope you get the idea.

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If its going to be a one time process only, you can try using a task instead. However, you will have to change the data type of your file fields first into a text255 or text64000. Upon changin, the value of the field will become a directory instead. From here, you can now use a task to transfer the records of your table.

After running the task, simply change the table design again back to file type and it should now show you the files again.

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Unfortunately we need this to run ad-hoc i.e on indiodual records at any time.  

We already use a button within the original record to link to a Submit Form where we can poipulate most fields with the values from the original record.

Its just the file field that is the problem.  Seems to be locked at a Caspsio level.

But please other ideas v welcome.


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