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How to add line breaks to calculated values?



Hi everyone.  I was  wondering if there is a way to put line breaks in  calculated values? Like I can concatenate strings without problem but I want the next field under my first field instead of just a space in the middle.


What I have now is: Field1 Field2

I cant use <br> or press the Enter key. It does not do anything. I cant find it in Localizations either. Anyone has a workaround for this?


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I think you can actually use <br> for Calculated Values. However, you will need to enclose it with a single quote. 

Refer to this syntax:


You can also use CHAR(13) which is a SQL Function called "Carriage Return" since Calculated Values accepts SQL statements.

Refer to this syntax for CHAR(13):

'[@field:Line1]' + CHAR(13) + '[@field:Line2]'

This will output the values like shown in the screenshot below:


I hope you find this useful.

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Sorry for replying late @Tubby.

I have tested both of this. They both work perfectly for Calculated Values! Thanks!

I went with the '<br>' as I am most familiar with it and because I think CHAR(13) only works with calculated values and not formula fields. I am not sure if this is expected since formula fields and calculated values looks and works very similarly.

Anyways, thanks for the help.


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