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Restrict field with to only accept Numbers and have arrows

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I'm checking to see how to force a field to only accept numbers and put up and down arrows, as well.

Caspio only seems to have Text Field, and while setting DataType to number makes the submission display an error, I still want to restrict it and put arrows so there won't be any mistake happening the first time.

Something like this 

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Yeah that's possible with JavaScript, just use the code below. It basically just changes the field's input type to number instead of the default Text.


This only works for Submission Form, you may check out the Id of the fields here: 






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To expand to all forms

document.querySelector('[name*=Recordfield_name]').type = 'number';

Caspio names inputs according to the following syntax.
Submission forms:

<input type="text" name="InsertRecordfield_name" id="InsertRecordfield_name_includes_textstring_if_cascading" value="" class="cbFormTextField">

Edit and detail forms:

<input type="text" name="EditRecordfield_name" id="EditRecordfield_name_includes_textstring_if_cascading" value="" class="cbFormTextField">

Virtual fields in all forms:

<input type="text" name="cbParamVirtual2" id="cbParamVirtual2_includes_textstring_if_cascading" value="" class="cbFormTextField">


The code above for changing to a number field works because [name*=Recordfield_name] will target both InsertRecord and EditRecord inputs then change the type from "text" to "number"

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