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Do email sends fail frequently for all of you, too?



So, I built an app that's supposed to send email notifications to four recipients when a record is modified from a details page. One is the original reporter, the second is the person assigned to the task, and the third and fourth are the managers overseeing the tasks. Quite frequently and randomly, nobody gets the email (which is different from the other issue where users with Gmail.com addresses don't get the emails).  Or some get the email and some don't. Or the emails are delivered many minutes or even hours later.

There are no logs I'm aware of to confirm what Caspio sent and where. Are there? It's frustrating to troubleshoot, and opening a ticket with support is often an exercise in futility. Last time, they lectured me on making sure Caspio was whitelisted on the receiving email servers. Like I can tell Gmail what to do.

Does anybody else experience this? Is there a better solution?

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Hi! Just an update! Caspio recently release and you can now have the ability to verify the FROM email address that you are using on DataPages, Triggered Actions, and Tasks as well as your domain. All the emails that you are using will be available and listed on the Email section under Account Settings. For more information, you may read it here: https://howto.caspio.com/release-notes/caspio-31-0/

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