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Special requirements - Zebra label printing and data linking



I am nearly complete with my Caspio review for a client. There are a couple of requirements that I wanted to confirm Caspio can do before I make a decision. 

First, they are printing barcode labels with text using a Zebra label printer. I believe Caspio can do that from some of the traffic I have seen. 

Another requirement is that they want custom notes to be associated with product IDs for their clients. For example,

Client 1 orders part number 12345 and the notes are pulled for Client 1
Client 2 orders the same part number 12345 and the notes are pulled for Client 2 

Is that possible? 


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On 9/8/2021 at 1:03 PM, Meekeee said:

Hi @kmocabee- for the barcode, are you referring to barcode generator or scanner? Either way, you may check it here from their App Extenstions: https://www.caspio.com/services/app-extensions/?cat=integrations

For the other requirement about notes, yes this is possible. You may check this forum post:


Actually, I just wanted to print barcodes. They will be in the database as a number for a particular order which needs to be printed for use in the shop. I assume for that display field, all I have to do is to use the right barcode font and it will display and print correctly. But mainly I was concerned about connecting to specific printers and creating a label format that is then printed on their Zebra printer. Can I do that directly, or do I need to create a PDF and then print to the Zebra? Thanks for the help. 

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