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Adding a Textbox in a Tabular Report's Details Page



Newbie to Caspio.

I have a tabular report with a details page and I want to create a text field so Users can add comments. Then another user for example can open the details page, see the 1st user's comment and add their own comment.

So the final result should look like a textbox to add comments And any comment that were previously submitted from other users. Similar to the image below

Most Popular 3rd Party Comment Systems for Your Website | by Bradley Nice |  Level Up! | Medium

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I had a similar issue. You need two fields and play with trigger:

field-a  Is a text 64000 displayed in read-only where all comments will be stored
field-b Is a text (it would be better limit its size) used to write new comments

Than you need a trigger for insert/update that append field-b to field-a (and control to leave empty field-b into records).

What do you think?


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I think what you need to do is create an additional submission form, on your details page of your tabular datapage where you will be displaying the comments of the user. Just add an HTML button that will display the submission form that you have created, then you will need to pass the primary key / unique identifier of the comment where the user will be responding. So that any new reply will be link to that specific comment.

What you need to do is to structure your table for this to work, and to see any new respond. You will need to either go back to the main results page of your tabular report page, then go to the specific records where the comment / reply to the comment was made.

Or you can create another tabular report datapage, to display all the comment and its respective responses. Then deploy on to your details page as an Iframe, then you will just need to create an html button to refresh the page to see the new comments. But keep in mind, it would be difficult to make this look any way near to what you have in your screenshot. As this would need complex custom coding.   

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