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Cannot customize reports or views



I am a new user (in my trial period) and cannot find any way to create reports or views that are not extremely primitive looking. There seems to be far less customizability than even in Excel - for example, I cannot create custom column headings or adjust column width. Also, there does not seem to be any way to print out or email as report.

Am I missing something here? Because from what I've seen so far, I'd be much better off just using multiple spreadsheets to manage data, and also would save $100 per month. I  expected much more sophistication from this program.


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Hi @Allie! I was also confused for a moment when I started out with Caspio but that's before I found out about Styles. Have you tried playing around with it for changing or customizing how your report looks? You can change the font properties, column background colors, and more customizations from there. Changing column titles and column widths can then be changed on the DataPage itself.


They have many articles that talks about customizing the appearance or "Style" of the DataPages and they also have video tutorials about it, too.




It is also possible to generate files from your results page and details page:




I hope this helps you out in deciding  :)


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