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Uncheck All Values In Multi Select Dropdown

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I have two List - String multi-select dropdowns on my submission form. One of them is always hidden depending on the selection of the Work Type field. If Work Type = New Work, then MultiSelect1 shows and the other is hidden. If Work Type = Repair, then MultiSelect2 shows, and the other one is hidden.

I am trying to figure out how to clear the selected values on the MultiSelect that is hidden. Say, a user already started selecting values for MultiSelect1 and noticed they needed to change to MultiSelect2... I would like the values they selected in MultiSelect1 to reset when switching over to MultiSelect2 when the user switches the Work Type value.

I know this is difficult because of the way List String fields work. This would be immensely easier and function a lot better if Caspio would just make dynamic List String datatypes, that could use lookup tables.

Any help is appreciated.

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