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Count checkboxs on multi-select list

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Im trying to create a feedback  form for a new empoloye.

his manager will create a new form with a unic Email and password and on the update form he will see only his own relevant form.

He will need to fill in a multi select list the topics he learned.

after the update i want him to see a chart that show how many topics he finished (%). 

Is it possible?

It seems like Caspio cant count checkboxs on the multiselect fields



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Hello @Amirf,

As far as I understood from your description, you have a field in the table with the List-String data type. And on the Submission form it is set to the Multiselect Listbox:


If so, List data types have a list of restrictions and it is better to avoid using them in case you need more than just submitting and displaying the values. 


This article can be helpful https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/data-types/list/


1) You may use Text(255) data type instead and apply this solution to allow multiselection


2) Since selected values are added to the table as comma-separated values, it is possible to count them in the Formula field:

WHEN LEN([@field:Text_field]) = 0
ELSE LEN([@field:Text_field]) - LEN(REPLACE([@field:Text_field], ',', '')) + 1

Replace the field name with your local field name.

Here is the result:



I am hot sure that this is the case for you but hope this helps. 

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Hello everyone, I believe I have asked this before through live chat. However, this can be implement via custom coding. So, I decided to reach out to Caspio's Professional Services team. I contacted my Customer Success Manager to schedule a meeting with them but they also advised me that we can open a support ticket or try here: https://www.caspio.com/services/professional-services/ 

This was a splendid experience for sure. I found this forum post as well and you can use this for reference: 

Also, if you want a quick meeting with this, I suggest that you reach out to your Customer Success Manager to better consult with the feature you would like to achieve. 

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