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Register link for new users



Hi. I have a login form which is an authenticated datapage and created a registration form. Upon accessing my website, they will be see the login form but if they are new users, I would like to have a Register' here link and the new users can click it to register however, I don't want to reload the whole page. Basically what I want is once the user click the register link, it will hide the login form and will show the registration form and vice versa. Any suggestion is highly appreciated! :) 

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Hi! You may try the script below: 

	<title>Test Site </title>

<a href='javascript:;' onclick='hideAuth();' id="register">Register here</a></br></br>
<a href='javascript:;' onclick='showAuth();' id="login">Login</a></br></br>



var el = document.getElementById('register');
el.onclick = hideAuth;

function hideAuth() {
  document.querySelector("form[action='URL link Login']").style.visibility="hidden";
  document.querySelector("form[action='URL link Registration']").style.visibility="visible";
   return false;

var al = document.getElementById('login');
al.onclick = showAuth;

function showAuth() {
  document.querySelector("form[action='URL link Login']").style.visibility="visible";
  document.querySelector("form[action='URL link Registration']").style.visibility="hidden";
   return false;




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