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Search by distance not working as intended



I am working with a real estate listing app. I am trying to do a filter using "Search by Distance" but unfortunately I can't seem to make it work.
Here is my logic for filtering:

and out of 6 Listings that are within 500 miles, only 3 records are being returned which are noticeably close to each other. 



There are also properties around San Jose which should be well within 500miles.


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Hi @ParoParoG- I believe the distance feature is available depending on the account plan that you have and with my previous projects with Caspio they can provide a table of the US zip codes. You may reach out to them via chat, phone or simply create a support ticket and they will assist you. I thought this link would be helpful for you :) Also, there are some forum posts that you can refer to as well: 



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1 hour ago, PotatoMato said:

Hi, @ParoParoG.  Have you tried checking this How-to article regarding distance search? https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/reports/search-by-distance/

On top of this I found out that you need to explicitly download the table that contains all the Zip code , Longitude, and Latitude for the search by distance to lookup. 
I accidentally skipped the image above part thinking I already had my Zip codes. But turns out this is required for the search by distance to work.

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