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How to separate a value in a semicolon-delimited value.



Just wanted to share this workflow that I used to get a specific data from a field that uses ';' to separate inputs. 

Ex input: Manager;Donald Duck;Donald@gmail.com

The formula below will show the 2nd input (Donald Duck) as an output if it detects at least 2 ';' are inside the string and if it only detect 1 or less ';' it will output a blank field.

WHEN Charindex(';',[@field:Original_value], 0) > 0 AND Charindex(';',[@field:Original_value], (Charindex(';',[@field:Original_value])+1)) > 0 THEN Substring([@field:Original_value], (Charindex(';',[@field:Original_value], 0)+1), (Charindex(';',[@field:Original_value], (Charindex(';',[@field:Original_value])+1))-Charindex(';',[@field:Original_value], 0)-1))
WHEN Charindex(';',[@field:Original_value], 0) = 0

table snippet:


Just a note: You can edit this formula to check for other delimiters not just ';'

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