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Ending Date Entry



I have a submission form datapage.  Simply trying to set up 2 date fields for a travel agency application.  The 2 dates are "Arrival_Date" and "Departure_Date".  

Here's the question:  Because we may be using dates that are up to 2 years in the future, once the "Arrival_Date" is entered using the calendar option. can  the "Departure_Date" load the same date as "arrival_date" (without submitting)  so as to avoid having to work forward from 'today'?  The user could simply check a few days into the future from the preset "Arrival_Date".



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Thank you so much....I may not have been clear.  I'm not really looking to validate that the end_date is prior to the beginning_date.  I just want the end_date to have a "starting point" equal to the beginning date.

Case in point.....  we sell vacations.   A person might not travel until June of 2023.  In the start date, we have to hunt for that date in the calendar.  In the end date, it would be great if it would just pick up where the start_date left off.  We can then just click on the end date which is typically in the same month....without having to hunt for the end date from today's date.

I hope that makes more sense.


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